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BMF: Building Management Framework


Future buildings will be constantly monitored and managed through intelligent systems that allow having information about the building health, keeping a good comfort level for the building inhabitants and optimizing the energy spent. Despite many WSN programming frameworks have been to date developed and, in some cases, applied to support monitoring of buildings, none of them possesses all the specific features needed to develop WSN-based building applications.

The Building Management Framework (BMF) is a domain-specific framework implemented for both heterogeneous WSAN nodes and more capable Basestations (PC, plug computer, smartphone, PDA, etc.) for flexible and efficient distributed sensing and actuation in buildings.

BMF provides fast WSAN reconfiguration, in-node processing algorithms, multi hop networks and multi-platform support, a building programming abstraction to dynamically catch the morphology of buildings, actuators support and an extensible human computer interface.

The main goal of the BMF is the building indoor management and in particular the energy monitoring, analysing data coming from the sensors to understand the energy spent in a building; the behavioral monitoring, understanding the behavior of people in building; the space monitoring, understanding the use of the spaces in building; intelligent actuation, using actuators to achieve specific aims (e.g. energy saving, maximization of the comfort in the building).

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